HOME VIEW TRAILER DOWNLOAD FEATURE DECK "Old Time Radio," a new anthology horror film, will feature three full original tales along a shorter "commercial." Based on vintage horror radio classics, and presented in the vein of "Night Gallery," "Creepshow," "Trilogy Of Terror," and other iconic anthology genre films.

Harkening back to the classic horror programs of yesteryear, with an updated take on the horror anthology genre, we merge the two into an original and layered feature film guaranteed to frighten and delight any audience.

At the beginning of the film, we are introduced to our three exiled characters: Riktus Grim, the patriarch of his family, Edward D. Mise, his disgruntled brother, and lastly their dim witted servant, Vincent. These three play out our wraparound story, ultimately introducing us to the true host of the film, a vintage 1934 Crosley Cathedral Radio, voiced by Paul Giamatti... that just so happens to be haunted.

Drifting into the glowing dial of the radio, the voice of our host sets up each of our four horror tales. We will eventually emerge through a broadcasting device within the context and era of the story we now find ourselves in.

Frightened beyond reasoning, the three attempt to destroy the radio and stop its tales in increasingly elaborate ways. Nothing works, and as the stories grow increasingly more frightening, the radio continues to take the audience on a journey into elaborate visual horror.
Riktus Grim, autopsied and decaying away with his hatcheted brother, Edward D. Mise, pass the evening away in their dimly lit gothic mansion. Their lobotomized servant, Vincent, bumbles in and tends to dinner for the pair. After their feeble attempt at nourishment, the three adjourn to the study, where all attention is focused on an old radio.

The Radio speaks! It's time to prepare for a new Halloween terror!

What wretchedly delightful tales will this host present to them this evening? Something truly diabolical and maddening? Perhaps a story from the cosmic void? Maybe something with a humorously macabre twist? Or quite possibly a tale that is truly wicked and horrifying?

As the demented voice that emits from the glowing radio sets the scene, Riktus and Edward are pulled into the clutches of... Old Time Radio!
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